WisCorps WIOA Program FAQs

Is this a job?

The WIOA Youth Program is a program that includes many services. One of those does include a work experience, but that is only a small portion of services that are available.

How do I know if I am eligible?

You can fill out the online application at wiscorps.org/WIOA or mail in a paper application and a Career Planner will get in contact with you to set up a meeting to determine your eligibility.

How long am I in the program?

You determine the length of time you are active in the WIOA Youth Program. If you reach all your goals in six months you will be exited after six months. If your goals take two years to reach; you could be in the program throughout those two years. Every individual’s situation and goals are different. Once you are stable and are working towards your goals you will be exited from the program and will begin one year of follow-up services. While in follow-up you will still have access to WisCorps services but career planners will take a more hands off approach to help you transition out of the program.

What careers can I focus on?

The career you focus on is your decision. If you are unsure about what industry you would like to pursue, you will be given the opportunity to participate in career exploration activities. WisCorps is also rolling out a tract program that would focus on specific demand industries including: Transportation, Finance/Insurance, Construction, Information Technology, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. WisCorps is able to guide you towards your career goals regardless of the industry you wish to pursue.

What certifications can I earn?

WisCorps offers a variety of certifications in house which include: Servsafe Food Handler Safety, Certified Forklift Training and CPR/First Aid Certification. WisCorps also has close relationships with local technical colleges and can assist with certification programs, for example a CNA program or basic manufacturing certifications. WisCorps can assist with accessible certifications that will help you build your education and resume in your chosen industry.

Where can I do a work experience?

WisCorps offers a work experience in house which is the WisCorps WIOA Crew. This crew works on a number of conservation, community and construction type projects while also working on employability skills. Outside work experiences are also available in participating industries in each of WisCorps’ eight county area. You will work with your career planner to determine a work experience placement.

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