WisCorps Jobs – Now Hiring for the 2020 Field Season!

For applications in paper format or other application accommodations, contact andrea.frisch@wiscorps.org.

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Conservation Crew Leader & Assistant Crew Leader (hiring for 2020 field season)

Ryan IR CLWisCorps crews complete high priority conservation projects across Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. As a Crew Leader, you will be responsible for crew safety, ensuring high quality work, building community, crew work ethics, and personal development of the Crew Members, among other responsibilities. You must be comfortable with hard work in tough conditions commonly found living and/or working in the outdoors for weeks at a time.

The leadership team consists of a crew leader and assistant crew leader.

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Conservation Crew Member (hiring for 2020 field season)

ASL crewTogether, the crew completes projects such as: new trail construction, trail restoration, bridge/boardwalk construction, stream bank stabilization, reforestation, and invasive species management. Crew members and leaders live and work together for the entire project season, working Monday-Friday with weekends off to travel and recreate as a group.

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Headquarters Positions (La Crosse, WI)


Community Enrichment AmeriCorps Member (Open until filled)

Abby eggplant gardenCommunity Enrichment Corps Members will be responsible for providing opportunities through programming for community involvement in environmentally conscious food sourcing. They will spend a majority of their time researching, maintaining and cultivating interest in the WisCorps demonstration garden. Members will also have the opportunity to work for up to one week in the field alongside fellow Corps Members in order to gain experience in other areas of conservation and explore career options. Members will be supported and mentored by headquarters staff and leaders throughout their term of service.

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Naturalist Corps Environmental Educator (starts Sept. 2020)

Taylor EE programThe Naturalist Corps Environmental Educator will assist with planning, scheduling, teaching and general supervision of existing programs and events for K-12 students and adult community members, and design and implement new programs for different age groups. They will also assist in designing and creating publicity for educational programs and events, assist in distribution of publicity for upcoming events, programs, and volunteer opportunities, and assist with website and social media to promote programs and events.

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Event Staff (Hiring on a Rolling Basis)

facility bubbleWisCorps Event Staff will be the first line of contact for guests during events at the Myrick Park Center.  Event Staff will be on hand at the center during events to ensure that events are successful and safe.  Event staff will assist with set up and takedown of each event and will be responsible for ensuring that the facility is clean prior to, during, and after the event.  Candidates must have excellent communication skills and be willing to work hard to ensure that each event is a success.

The position is primarily weekends and evenings.


Cleaning and Maintenance Staff (on a rolling basis)

WisCorps Cleaning & Maintenance Staff are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of the Myrick Park Center.  Thousands of guests visit annually and proper cleaning and maintenance greatly contribute to guests’ positive experience of the Myrick Park Center.  Candidates must be hardworking, dedicated, and take pride in their work.


WisCorps, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. Qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, age, ethnic identity, disability, handicap, marital status or veteran status. If you have a disability and need to access this information in an alternative format, or need it translated to another language, please contact us at (608) 782-2494, fax at (608) 782-0606, email at staff@wiscorps.org, and TDD/TTY or the Wisconsin Relay number at 7-1-1.

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