Hire a Crew

Do you have a high priority conservation project to complete?

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WisCorps can provide crew services to municipalities, agencies, tribes, and non-profit organizations in need of short term labor solutions that are flexible enough to fit into tight operating budgets.

Each crew is fully trained and equipped to take on a variety of conservation projects such as: new trail construction, trail restoration, stream bank stabilization, reforestation, and invasive species management.

WisCorps crews are available for hire on a weekly or monthly basis during the spring, summer and fall. We anticipate having a total of 75 crew weeks available for hire in 2019.


WisCorps provides:DSC_0014

  • A crew of 4-5 Corps Members
  • 2 experienced adult Crew Leaders
  • All basic tools (trail, carpentry, and forestry)
  • Power tools (chainsaws, brushsaws, generators, etc.)
  • General project management
  • All transportation costs (vehicle, gasoline, etc.)
  • All insurance costs (liability and worker’s compensation)

You provide:

  • All project materials (gravel, rebar, bolts, herbicide, etc.)
  • Any specialized equipment required for the project
  • Additional technical support as needed
  • Overall guidance of the project (a minimum of one visit per week)
  • A funding match to cover a portion of the total cost of the crew

How much does it cost to hire a WisCorps crew?
For each project, we ask that a funding match be provided to cover a portion of the total crew cost in exchange for the work completed. The match works on a sliding scale and ranges from $5,500 -$6,500 per week of work.  WisCorps can partner with project sponsors to apply for a variety of grants and other funding, which can help cover both the crew and material costs of your project.


For More Information Contact:

Chad DuChateau
Conservation Program Manager

Or download a Work Project Proposal – Completed project proposals can be mailed to 789 Myrick Park Dr. La Crosse, WI 54601

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