Crew Member Overview 2020

Position Title:      Corps Member

Position Type:     Full-time/Seasonal

2020 Dates:           

Spring Session: April 1-May 16

1st Summer Session: June 10-July 11

2nd Summer Session: July 16-August 15

City of La Crosse Mayor’s Crew: June 15 – July 24

Fall Session: September 16-November 14

Compensation:   $300 per week, plus room & board, transportation, on the job training


Position Overview:

WisCorps crews complete high priority conservation projects across Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. Projects may include trail restoration, habitat restoration, invasive species management, and carpentry projects. Crew Members camp out with their crew near their project sites and travel throughout Wisconsin.

Crew Member Responsibilities:
  • Work hard as a team to accomplish conservation projects
  • Maintain personal safety on and off the work site
  • Be an active and contributing member of the crew community
  • Practice Leave No Trace principals and sustainable living techniques
  • Abide by all WisCorps and AmeriCorps policies and procedures
Crew Member Qualifications:
  • 18-25 years old
  • Experience in outdoor recreation
  • Passionate about environmental causes and being a part of a community surrounding environmental service
  • Willingness to learn various conservation practices or land management techniques
  • Enjoys hard work and has a good sense of humor
  • Prepared to undergo a criminal background check

For More Info:       Email or call WisCorps Headquarters (608) 782-2494

How to Apply:        Apply online with the links below. For applications in paper format or other application accommodations, contact

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Now Hiring for 2020 Field Season:

Roving Crew

  • Must be at least 18 to apply
  • Spring session, Summer session 1, Summer session 2, Fall session
  • Roving throughout Wisconsin, living outdoors
  • No outdoor work experience necessary
  • Gain skills in trail construction, carpentry, and more

Wetland Restoration Crew

  • Must be at least 18 to apply
  • Summer session 1, Fall session
  • AmeriCorps position, education award available upon successful completion
  • Learn skills in restoration ecology and botany
  • Urban-based setting in Indiana, short commute to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Work alongside National Park Service technicians

Wilderness Crew

  • Must be at least 21 to apply
  • Summer session 1
  • Back-country setting, living outdoors
  • Work alongside National Park Service trail crew
  • Experience with multi-day camping preferred
  • Ability to hike long distances with heavy equipment necessary

La Crosse Mayor’s Crew

  • Ages 16-18, Must be a resident of the city of La Crosse!
  • Summer session 1
  • Revitalize the La Crosse Community
  • No outdoor work experience necessary
  • Work 40 hours per week for six weeks, Monday-Friday

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WisCorps, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. Qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, age, ethnic identity, disability, handicap, marital status or veteran status. If you have a disability and need to access this information in an alternative format, or need it translated to another language, please contact us at (608) 782-2494, fax at (608) 782-0606, email at, and TDD/TTY or the Wisconsin Relay number at 7-1-1.

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