The CritterMobile

The WisCorps Environmental Education Program’s goal is to provide as much access to our lessons on the natural world as possible. In order to reach school groups that are unable to visit our home base in the Myrick Park Center, we have established The CritterMobile, a roving habitat for native animals and source of creative environmental lessons. The CritterMobile operates in association with the programs that WisCorps staff facilitate in and around the Myrick Park Center.

View our flyer with program options below!

CritterMobile Printable Flyer


Are these programs available year round?

Yes! The CritterMobile will visit at all times during the year unless travel becomes dangerous for our teachers or education animals. If road conditions are hazardous or if the day’s high temperature does not exceed 10 degrees Fahrenheit, we will be in contact with you about rescheduling the program.

How long are programs and how many participants per group?

Our preferred program structure is 60 minutes with 30 students. This can be customized to fit your schedule or needs. Keep in mind, less participants per program results in more hands-on time with animals and a better teacher to student ratio.

Are we going to go outside?

Going outside is not explicitly built into our CritterMobile program schedules, but we love to take the opportunity if possible. We can integrate our program into your schedule to line up with possible recess times or right before participants have to leave, allowing for some outdoor exploration. We believe that going outside at all times of the year is important for experiential learning and the application of lessons taught in the classroom.

Contact Stephanie Hanna with any further questions:

(608) 782-2494 ext. 223

The kids really enjoyed the animals and I loved how engaged they were. Paul did an awesome job teaching the kids and giving them an opportunity to really be involved in the program. It is always an awesome program when all the kids are engaged and excited for the whole hour like they were!

-Travis, YMCA La Crosse

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