Conservation Program

What is it like to be on a WisCorps Crew?

Conservation crew members spend the entire duration of their contract (4-8 weeks) living, working and traveling together with their crew. Work takes place Monday through Friday, weekends are “OFF”, but crews stay together participating in recreational opportunities, festivals or other outdoor fun.

WisCorps crews are outfitted with an SUV, trailer, project specific tools and base camp gear (tents, kitchen supplies, food). Crews camp out near their project site. WisCorps provides each corps member with a tent, each crew with a weekly food budget. Together you will prepare healthy menus, grocery shop and cook meals while respecting individual dietary preferences.

Here’s how one of our crew members described their experience on a fall roving crew:

“The WisCorps crew members are the people responsible for the dirty, gritty aspect of conservationism. As a crew member, you are the face of the organization, and you are tasked with keeping the WisCorps mission alive. Crew members are taught to multitask in an often chaotic environment. These tasks include:

  • operating a wide range of power/hand tools and heavy machinery
  • working directly with crew leaders and clients
  • understanding the concept of ‘leave no trace’
  • maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity
  • learning and mastering techniques in different aspects of conservation”

~2016 Fall WisCorps Crew Member

WisCorps FAQs

Can I bring my own tent? Yes! Although a tent will be provided for each corps member to have their own space, some members prefer to bring their own tent and we’re okay with that!

Do I need to buy a large volume backpack for my personal gear? No, most of the time you will be car camping with easy access to your tent sites. Thus, a large duffel bag would work just as well. DO bring a smaller day-pack for daily transport of safety gear, rain jacket, lunch and water.

Where do I park my car? There is no long term parking available at WisCorps Headquarters. Please plan to have a parent or friend drop you off.

Can I go home on the weekends? No, WisCorps crews stay together on the weekends to have fun, explore or travel to your next project site. We do understand if an unexpected family emergency comes up or if you have a prior approved event that was discussed when hired.

Where do we take showers? Most of your campsites have direct access to showers, think State Park campground. Other options include YMCA’s, community centers, etc.

Do I need work boots? Yes, all leather durable hiking or work boot style. (KEEN, Merrill, Timberland are a few brands) Steel-toe not required.

Can I bring my cell phone? No, we ask that Corps Members immerse themselves in an unplugged experience while on crew…Enjoy the simple life of campfires, reading books, journaling, talking to fellow crew-mates! Crew Leaders have a WisCorps smartphone for work purposes.  The specific phone number can be shared with family members if they are concerned about your well-being while out in the field and Corps Members can use the phone if they need to contact someone after work hours.

Still Have Questions?

Contact Chad DuChateau at (608) 799-5183 or!

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